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Shifty shifts

It's funny how life takes unexpected turns and twists and there are some shifty shifts that happen. For example one minute I was poised to take a gap year and the next I am managing 9 people, 6 sites and $1.4 million. While this temporary detour is a means to an end, it's an exciting detour. One I have been eager to tackle and am excited to pursue.

That's how life is though... you can approach with an attitude of "I get to," versus an attitude of "I have to." Coming at it with the former positions you to take control of your circumstances and your happiness without relinquishing power.

This really works in any situation... "I get to: do the dishes, drive to work, wake up early, make dinner." Think of how different it is when replacing that one word. It's a shift in your entire attitude.

Shifting the thought process can help you refocus and move forward without losing sight of what is happening right now.

What kind of shifty shifts are you making to better your life?

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