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Naughty by Nature = Adventure Time!

If you would have told me, even ten years ago, that I'd be at a Naughty by Nature concert I would've rolled my eyes and went about my day. But, after Nelly a few weeks ago, my husband saw a poster and said "I'd really like to see Naughty by Nature."

Well that set in motion a string of events that landed us on the mezzanine overlooking the Naughty by Nature 25th anniversary concert at Park City Live in Park City, UT. We learned our lesson from the Nelly concert to just spend the extra cash and upgrade to the mezzanine. It's less crowded, people are more civil, and it's a great view.

The concert was a literal time machine back to the nineties... complete with a Tupac tribute. They put on quite a show and ended by pulling people up on stage, not just one or two, a plethora of people. It felt real, authentic. It felt like they loved the people who were there and who have been supporting them for the last 25 years.

This was better than Blue Man group!

Now mind you, we were in Park City, Utah... the crowd was probably 90% white. We even ran into a kid who said he had no idea who was playing, he was just dragged here by some friends. It didn't matter though, Vin Rock, Treach, and DJ Kay Gee performed and treated the crowd like they were important. They did a literal time hop back to the 90's singing some of hip-hops greatest hits and taking us with them. To say I was impressed would be an understatement... these guys performed better than any concert I've been to. The interaction with the crowd was mind-blowing.

Anyway, I had a ton of fun. We've been on a few adventures already this year and I feel like it's just gonna keep going! Adventuring with my kids and my husband is a priority and therefore something I ensure we do. What's your priority this year?

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