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Nom Nom Paleo's Instant Pot Kalua Pig

I decided to tackle Nom Nom Paleo's Kalua Pig, after all you can't go wrong with bacon and pork! IJS!!

So I pulled up the recipe, gathered my supplies and got started.

One of the things I am really loving about the instant pot is the sauté option. I feel like I can get everything ready without dirtying several dishes. It's kinda nice.

The first step is to sauté the bacon which started to sizzle quickly! I didn't have a bone in shoulder roast so I used a pork loin, two of them. But not the nice skinny little pork loins, the cheap fatty big ones.

Also, I was fresh out of Hawaiian salt... yeah, who knew. So I used black lava salt... I mean, lava, Hawaii... I figured they went together.

How many different salts does one chick need?

Garlic can be sticky, I cut off the ends, smash the clove, and wahlah, the skin comes right off. I cut some slits and stuck the garlic in, then put the roasts into the instant pot.

I made sure the top valve was closed, set the instant pot, and got on with my evening.

I did want rice.... I thought with the instant pot I'd be able to get rid of my other gadgets but I'm figuring out that I need the rice cooker still so that everything can be ready at the same time.

I've started using Nishiki rice, I get it at the commissary on base. It's a short grain sticky rice and seems to work with everything I cook lately. There is a lot of debate on rice... is it good or not, brown versus white, I am not here to prove any points, my family just really loves it and it's not worth the fight... it's better than McDonalds French Fries and I'm picking my battles, ya feel?! Plus I watched this youtube video and if it's on the internet, it's gotta be true right?!

Anywho... once my Kalua Pig beeped, I moved it into a bowl and threw in the cabbage.

This meal was so freaking fabulous, I can't even explain the deliciousness that exploded on my taste buds. The bacon flavor was outrageous! The positives were few ingredients, easy, delicious flavor, and versatile!

The kids loved it, the hubs loved it and it even made the grumpy teenager smile... I'd say Kalua Pig for the win!

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