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Salsa Chicken

Mmmmm salsa... I had this favorite salsa we would get at Smith's (our local/chain grocery store) and they don't sell it anymore. It was Rojo's Fire Roasted Salsa. A few years ago when I went to clean eating I was following He and She Eat Clean and stumbled across the recipe for salsa chicken. Rojo's was my favorite salsa to use and still would be if I could find it anywhere! Ugh!

Don't you hate that? When you find something you really love and then can't find it anywhere... so annoying.

Anywho, after purchasing my instant pot I was super excited to find Nom Nom Paleo's recipe for Instant Pot Salsa Chicken. I was super excited but became Leary when I read Michelle's warnings about chicken breast in the instant pot. It wasn't just on this recipe but on several others when people ask about using the juicy white meat.

Eh, I thought, what the hell... I'll give it a go. I found some knock off fire roasted salsa and it's organic (yeah?!) at Smith's, measured out the required 1 cup.....

Laid out my chicken and spread the salsa. It's a simple and quick process

I used a spoon to spread the salsa around evenly and then closed my release valve (always close the release valve!).

I set that puppy for 7 minutes and sat back waiting to enjoy my delicious salsa chicken!

Remember after you either let the pressure cooker sit and decrease naturally or if you release the valve to always... ALWAYS... open the pot away from you.

Viola! SALSA CHICKEN! I removed the chicken and began to shred with two forks. I had a picture but my camera lens fogged up... LOL

I cut up various toppings to include tomato, lettuce, shredded cheese, Mexican cheese, chopped cilantro, and limes... I really only like cilantro and lime. I used La Tortilla's White Corn Tortillas and made an amazing salsa chicken taco.


Looks good doesn't it?? Yeah well it was ok... nothing to do with Michelle's recipe, she warns repeatedly that she isn't crazy about the way boneless skinless chicken breast comes out... it's sort of rubbery.

I think next time I will stick with the crockpot and slow cook that chicky till she's nice and tender!

Next week I'm writing about the Kalua Pig! It has a much happier ending!

Cook-on friends!


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