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A Bit About Me


Jesica Marie Medellin

Creative Author





3610 Bernardo de Galvez

Galveston, TX 77550


To start a global movement de-stigmatizing menstrual cycles

by putting 50,000+ books into the hands of women across

the nation. 

I knew from the moment my daughter started her period I wanted her relationship with her menstrual cycle to be vastly different than mine had been. Where my experience was tremulous, I wanted hers to be one of acceptance and really embody self-love. How can we as women, say we love ourselves fully if each month we hate what our body does naturally. 

I'd been teaching for about 10 years, I had my masters degree in curriculum and instruction design and was the administrator for an after school grant, overseeing six schools and creating experiences for students and families. We were in the middle of COVID when Bella started and while I wanted to have a whole 


Podcast Topics

October 13th - Utah Humanities Bookfest Speaker


Momming a Teen

Going after a BHAG

During the Utah Humanities Bookfest I will be talking about all things surrounding the First Moon Manual - from it's inception to the incredible serendipitous happenings on my journey to publication.

At its heart, the First Moon Manual is about community - drawing people together to emotionally support each other. That's the purpose behind all the manuals. I have the ability to connect people from all areas in a way that is both supportive and beneficial to the greater good.

I'm on my second teen - my first was male and my second is female - both have been vastly different experiences. One is headed for a traditional college experience the other forwent college and is following his culinary dreams. 

I have a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) of getting the First Moon Manual into the hands of 50,000 young women across the nation. The journey to 50,000 books sold starts with the first book. This journey is full of amazing people, support from unknown places, and watching myself surpass 50,000 and grow like wildflowers in a field. 

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