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Nelly, Park City, and being stuck in the 90's!

You know you're getting older when you hear that one song... the one you danced to with your husband BEFORE you were married AND you've been married for over 17 years... Yeah... Well that's us with Nelly!

We bounced to "It's Getting Hot in Here" at the Joy club or Carols in Germany back when the album dropped. So when I found out Nelly would be in Utah I did what any self-respecting, 39-year-old, mom of three would do... I bought 2 tickets, rented a hotel room, and dropped the kids with my mom for the night!

We ventured up to the Zermatt Resort in Midway (the only affordable option during Sundance and Ski season).

We took our first Lyft ride into Park City with a charming kid (I say kid but he's like 23 and married). You know I had to give him a book.

We ate sushi at Oishi which was surprisingly not crowded and excellent!

We went to get in line at the venue because doors opened at 8:00 but were told Nelly wouldn't take the stage until midnight... wait what? Yeah you heard me right! MIDNIGHT!!! You should have seen the faces of us as well as everyone around us! Were like "UMMMM do you know how old we are? Midnight???!?!?!?!!!"

So we ventured over to Rock and Reilly's for drinks and hot wings.... and we waited.

At 9 pm we went back to Park City Live and entered... ready to wait it out...

We ordered 2 drinks for a total of $28... Ack!

We found a spot near the stage, by the bathrooms, and a bar, and behind two VIP spots... not the best decision but we didn't know that at the time.

And we waited...

and waited....

and waited....

THEN! Fred Matters came out and he was a decent DJ. More than decent... he was really good. He got things poppin and we started to have a little more fun... despite the drunk/high females clamoring to get into VIP areas with drunk/high men who have way too much money.

This is my trying to have fun and waiting face

And we still waited....

and waited....

THEN! We waited some more!

Holy heck... three hours on your feet just 8 weeks after a hysterectomy.... I may have gotten a little crabby with the girls who were pressing up against us and trying to get closer.... My bad!

But after ALL the waiting, Nelly came out and he put on one heck of a show... for a little over an hour... just an hour... Yeah... but it was super cool and I'm really glad we got to experience it! He asked who'd been with him since day 1, day 1... like from the very first album... I wanted to turn to the teeny bopper next to me and tell her she couldn't have even been 5 when day 1 happened so she should just shut the eff up.. but I didn't.

Er Mah Gerd! It's NELLY!!!

I'll tell you what though, as grumpy as I was from waiting and being man handled by females desperate to get to the VIP frat boys, once Nelly came on I got lost in the moment and I just enjoyed it.

The whole experience made me think of last weeks Monday Mantra where I said "this too shall pass." The waiting did pass but so did the concert. What an amazing time we had but it passed all the same.

After, Tito from Lyft drove us back to the Zermatt where we ate a Turkey sandwich and a Chocolate Mousse Bomb from the Bakery.

All in all it was super awesome and I'm really glad we got to experience it... Next up?


Love and Light y'all!


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