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I spoke to an amazing of group of moms this last week. I know this may sound a little cocky but I love being in front of a crowd and speaking about marriage, hope, self-love, well let's face it, I could really talk about anything!

My anxiety leading up to the talk was nearly out of control... I say anxiety but I'm not sure if it was anxiety or just nervous excitement. I have been coaching my seniors in speaking and this was my mantra... the day before, the day of, during. I just kept repeating "just breathe" and imagining Drew in all her splendor.

While things went well I did have my first push back. Years ago I might have taken to social media, gotten nasty, or just gone to bed and called in sick the next day. Luckily I've been able to self-identify my own flaws and was able to stay calm, go back and kill it the next day as well as staying off the social media train.

I've come to realize that when people have an issue it's rarely about me and more about them. Whether that is a past event they've had to live through, seeing in me things they don't like about themselves, or whatever else the case may be and that mindset helped me to overcome the negative experience.

The positive experience put me on a huge natural high and needless to say, I crashed Saturday... hard. Luckily it was the weekend and I was able to just take some time and recharge. That's the funny thing about adrenaline it can get you way up there but those crashes, man they are rough!

Anywho! Overall great experience and I learned to just breathe for a minute.

Love and light!

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