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New Year, New Me? F#@k that!

I know, I know... it's that old adage... New year, new me as if somehow when the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve and our idea of time tells us that Dec. 31 turns into Jan. 1 somehow we will create a whole new self, a self that is unflawed, unbiased, unrealistic!

If that's your motto this year, then more power to you, I'm not trying to dissuade you from the idea of a whole new you. But lets face it, a new you would entail therapy, plastic surgery, and possibly reincarnation via an untimely death.

I say New Year, new day, just like every day. If I fail today, I get up tomorrow and try again. I don't wait for a New Year to do it. I just keep trying to improve on the person I am regardless of the date, the time, or the circumstances.

I challenge you to embrace all that you are. A new you would entail ridding yourself of the mistakes you have made... mistakes that were valuable lessons. A new you would entail ridding yourself of stretch marks from babies, fat cells from late night pizza with someone who means the world to you, ridding yourself of scars with memorable stories... Don't wish for a new you, for you are perfect in every sense of the word.

You fly off the handle at little things? You want to lose weight? You need a career change? Ok... improvements are good. Wanting to be better than you are and striving for a little bit more is a good goal. There's also great peace in loving the person you are right here, right now, every imperfection, every flaw, every bit of your big loving heart.

So today, New Years day, January 1, 2017 how about you take it easy on yourself. How about giving yourself a little break and allowing yourself to be happy with who you are right now in this moment, every scar, every mistake, every bit of what makes you the amazing soul you are. You are here for a reason... You make a difference... You are infinite beauty wrapped up in a messy, fun, gorgeous package. I love you just the way you are, will you do the same?

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