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I manifested a BOOK!

First it was a house and now it is a book! I’m telling you. This manifestation thing really works. First I started talking about the concept of this book. I talked about it everywhere and to everyone. Marriage encounter, friends, family, social gatherings, I would just talk about wanting to write a book about relationships.

Then I started to write. Rey and I had been through so much and I felt like I needed to remind myself of the little things that make a marriage tick. I wrote this book as a reminder of what I needed to be doing in my own marriage. I wrote this book to help me fall back in love with my husband and with myself because somewhere among the chaos I lost it.

Then I wrote, and I wrote, and I would talk to someone and write a new chapter, and I wrote some more. Then I started looking for an editor and I found one and it didn’t work out ( I didn’t have the kind of money they were charging), and I put it on hold and started to rework chapters and put it in a different order. Then I had some money and hired an editor through a freelance site. And he edited. And he chopped out some of my most favorite stuff. And then I needed a cover and had a very talented artist draw up some of my ideas and then we settled on her idea.

Then she had a baby and Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all came with a vengeance. I thought I had time but I have kids and a husband, and a mother-in-law, and parents, and kids (did I say that already?) oh and me…

Then I started working again, out of the blue and read it out loud to myself and had a friend read it and worked on margins, and fonts, and sizing, and on and on and on… Then I went to the emergeny room and that sucked. Then the artist said the cover was ready and I uploaded it not once, not twice, not three times… Probably a million times! Because spacing was off, justification was wrong, gutters weren’t established, mirror image wasn’t working, crap there’s no indent there, and I forgot to change the size of that one font and is that a misspelling?!

Then it was approved and up for sale.

We are our own worst critics and I know there will be people who say something, who write something, who read this and hate it or find something wrong with it, be that grammatical or technical. I know this will happen and I am scared because I hate criticism, hate it so much! It’s hard to take it when people don’t like what you have poured a year and a half (well longer when you consider I've been talking about this for years) of your life into. This is all me. Raw, uncut me. Love me or hate me, I manifested a book and I am damn proud of it!

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