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Onward and Upward...

It's funny how when you are in the moment things can seem so complicated and hard yet when you look back those things are either not as hard as you imagined them to be at the moment or you don't even remember them happening.

I think at this very moment, thats how 2015 has rounded out. I can't really remember any bad stuff other than wasting two hours of my life watching Magic Mike XXL (come on Channing, you are way better than that!). I mean, I remember some bad stuff that happened to people around me, some actually down right tragic incidents, but nothing bad that happened to me.

In 2015:

I had no major surgeries (first year in a long time!)

None of us had any major medical emergencies

We bought a house

We traveled to Texas and saw our "nephew" graduate (I used quotations because he's not a nephew but we are family and thats like the closest desciption I could use)

My mom opened a restaurant

We bought a gorgeous home ( I know, second time I said this but WE BOUGHT A HOME!)

Rey's mom moved in with us

Bella was cast as Winnie the Pooh in her school play

Anthony was voted in as Student Body Representative for 8th grade

Anthony competed at Shakespere

Rey was hired on full time at Davinci Academy

We upgraded our vehicle

We hosted chinese students for the second year in row

I finished writing my book, had it edited, and had a cover done

Not necessarily in that order. I know there are plenty of other amazing good things that happened to us in 2015 and tonight when we read through our memory jar I am sure I will be reminded of them and then come back here and add them to the list but these are just a few that are popping into my mind right now. And I honestly cannot think of anything "bad" that happened to us this year (other than the Magic Mike movie).

Looking forward I know there will be many good things that happen in 2016, like:

Our 15 year anniversary (happening Jan. 2)

Rey's 35th birthday

Bella will perform in her school play in March

My friend Julie will have her baby in March

Ant will turn 15, Bella will turn 9, and Dom will turn 4

And there are things I hope we do, like:


Publish my book

travel some more

Start speaking at conferences

Spend as much time together as we can

There is always a little bit of fear attached to what should be happening and what I hope will happen. I don't know if it's natural or if it is there because of what people around me have gone through. The fear has instilled in me a sense of just being though.

I know there will be some trying moments, I know there will be "hard" times but just as they did this last year, I hope they fade and all I am left with is the memories of all that is good and happy.

Welcome 2016, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us this year!



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