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Birthday Week!

We are one of those crazy families that celebrate birthdays for at least a week. I''m not sure why or how this came about. My mom always made a big deal about birthdays or any holiday for that matter but I'm not sure they were week long celebrations. My step-mom had no children of her own and I distinctly remember my dad getting her presents every day for a week before her birthday.

We aren't quite like that but we do drag birthdays out as much as possible. Sometimes it's in little trips, sometimes it's in dinners, both homemade and out. Sometimes it's just in the celebration itself.

This week we started Rey's birthday week out with breakfast at my moms. It' also kind of becomes a convenience thing. With everyones work schedule and Rey having drill on his birthday, Sunday just fit and it was one week before his birthday so eh, why not say we are starting his celebration?!

I love celebrating, for any reason, at all, all the time. We only get one shot at this crazy mixed up life, why not celebrate all we can? To me it's not even an excuse to drink (cause who needs excuses to drink?), it's really just a chance for me to celebrate all things about my children and my husband.

We don't necessarily go all out. My mom usually makes a homemade dinner, my mother-in-law will probably start doing something similiar, and I cook a homemade meal (that's three nights right there), then maybe one night out for dinner at a favorite restaurant. Occassionaly we get to go on vacation and we will usually tag one of the kids birthdays along with it, or we will go on a staycation down to SLC or thereabouts. We'll hit up the zoo, our favorite Italian deli (Tony Caputos), and our favorite dessert shop (Carluccis).

It's really not about the presents, the money spent, or anything like that. It's more about celebrating the life of the person. Saying "hey, I am glad you were born!" And right now I am so happy my husband was born. We have grown so much together, sometimes I stand in awe of all the things we have done, been through, accomplished, etc... I want hime ot know how elebrated he is every day.

How do you celebrate?


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