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Manifesting a HOUSE!

Eight months ago I couldn't trade in our car. No really... Rey and I had been through a lot and part of that was a bout of unemployment he wrangled with last year. It was hard. Things were dificult as they often times are in life. We wrestled with our own demons for awhile.

I was trying to write my book while Rey was struggling with feelings of inadequacy among other things. Times were dark... I, being the emotional wreck I often am, struggled with depression quite a bit after choosing to leave my job and start anew. To try and hold Rey up too, well, lets just say it felt like we were both drowning for a minute. Don't get me wrong... I know this wasn't a health issue, or a death, or anything catastrophic, I'm not claiming it was either. It was life and life often throws things your way when you least expect them, it happens...

Anyway, one day, instead of trying to trade our car in, I just put it up on an ad site and within a two days, it sold, poof, just like that! Life, funny, haha. Then I walked into a dealership and saw a mini van, we were about to host two froeign exchange students for ten days and I needed some extra room and POOF! Just like that! LIFE! Then we asked Rey's mom to come live with us and to help take care of the baby because he was offered a full-time salaried position at the same school I was working at and she said yes and my landlord said we needed to buy the house or move out (they gave me adequate time and were really nice) and I panicked a little bit but then went to the bank, laid it all out on the table and low and behold, we were pre-approved for a home loan.

Now I am sitting in my new home (well new to me) writing this post and hardly believing I am here. I mean a year ago Rey was unemployed and we were living on the edge and panicked and now here we are, new home and all, on Christmas just thanking God for all his blessings and kind of still reeling from the whirlwind it has been and trying to figure out how I got here and wow, just wow.

While we had dreamed of what our "Forever Home" would look like for quite some time, when I really started looking I wrote a list of what we really wanted, non-negotiables if you will. On the list I included such luxuries as a double headed shower, a gas stove, and enough bedrooms for everyone along with an office I could write in and a craft room where Bella could paint and Sylvia could sew. We found this home, this crazy beautfiul house, that has almost everything I put on my list (sans double oven) and this crazy awesome backyard and some really great neighbors and again, I am still reeling!

We just kept talking about what we wanted and how we wanted it, and what it would look like and while there are imperfections, I am just so in-love with this home and all the possibilities it holds and the memories we are already making as we just spent our first Christmas here. It's all so WOW, like really WOW!

At some point, I am sure I will wake up... Funny, I was about to type "and this will all be a dream," and had I been writing this last year in the midst of our chaos I would have typed, "and this nightmare will be over."

Life man, just wow!

Peace and love peeps!


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