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The art of being a "Professional Husband"

Today I was having a bit of a catastrophe and I walked into my husbands office in a huff. He calmly looked up from his computer and cocked his head, "yes?" I proceeded to blurt out a horrific story, in the end I demanded "what are you going to do about this?"

He looked at me for no more than two seconds and responded "whatever you want me to do about it."

That was it, I cracked a smile. The girl in the room looked at us both and Rey turned to her and said "I'm a professional husband."

Ha! I hadn't heard that one yet but the more I pondered this all day the more fitting it seemed for my beloved. Rey is amazing at going with the flow, listening to me, helping around the house, being a great co-worker and a plethora of other things.

Was he like this when we got married? Ummm. H to the ELL no! Yet looking back, I have to admit, he has always been just an all around great guy and while we have definitely had our issues we always seem to come out of it stronger and better.

I would say after nearly 15 years of being married to me, Rey is a bonafide professional husband. He is good at what he does, he strives to be the best husband there is, he even goes far enough to be a great dad on top of it all.

I'd do almost anything for this man of mine... except write a letter of reccomendation.

Until next time peeps!


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