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Date Night!

Date night, one of the key elements to keeping a marriage happy, especially after children.

Most of our dates are alone but this week we chose to group date with two other married couples and in the process tried out a new place. We carpooled in a van and me and the hubs took the make out seat, oh yeah, 14 years and we still love making out in the back of a car.

We started the night out at the Bayou, a Cajun bar that serves food and like 3,804,765 different beers. Since I do not partake in beer drinking this was of no significance to me and since my husband is a traditional beer drinker it was sorta lost on him also but the other people in our party partook in the plethora of beer choices so hear hear!

We grabbed some apps and enjoyed adult conversation in an adult atmosphere, it was fun times had by all.

We then headed over to the Escape Key in Salt Lake, it was just right around the corner from the Bayou. None of us had any idea what to expect. The parking lot was dark with little to no lighting and the Escape Key is located above a Scientology building, we were all curious if it was really a trick to get us to convert to Scientology.

It wasn’t.

When we entered there was a young woman sitting behind a rather large computer. Our instructions were to use the restroom and then get ready.

Ready for what?

While I had read some about it before we went, I still wasn’t quite sure what to expect. My husband was feeling quite good after the 32 oz margarita and two shocktops so he was just chilling in the background with no concerns.

I asked “is it scary?”

“No,” the girl answered, she couldn’t have been older than 18.

We stood around nervously playing with those stupid puzzles you can’t ever figure out… well my drunk husband figured a couple out and the rocket scientist who was with us, he kept figuring them out, but you know the ones that normal people can’t figure out?

Anyway, after everyone was done pottying (yes I have a two-year-old) we were led to this small room.

“Everything is a clue,” the young girl started, “except the fan which is here to keep it cool in the room, the screws are clues but don’t twist them, the big thing here has a clue in it but don’t lift it…” and she rattled off some other stuff but I was mesmerized.

There was a poker table in the middle of the room, a small flat screen mounted to the wall, a couple pictures, a puzzle box and some other stuff.

Honestly I think we were all in our ADD mode and stopped listening to her. Each of us was poking, prodding, picking up something.

She left and a video started to play. Two of the three guys were already getting into stuff, one of the females was writing clues on the white board. I had sensory overload and had stopped listening and was looking around. I found the key to get us out immediately but the trick was, once you opened the control panel you only had 60 seconds to enter a code. Since none of us had listened that intently we missed quite a few instructions that would have helped us get out.

Anyway we worked for an hour trying to assemble clues, figure out numbers, how to get into locks, and why keys wouldn’t work that were clearly meant to.

I don’t want to give away too much but I have to tell you I spent the majority of the time arguing that some clues didn’t matter when they clearly did… I would NOT make a good detective, at all.

The clock counted down and I swear if we had another five minutes…

But alas, and I mainly blame myself for this, we failed to figure out what seat the evil Vendetta sat in and therefore messed up the escape code.

All in all good times were had by all and we ended the evening at Market Street for a nightcap and dessert. We cuddled in the back of the van and just enjoyed each other… do you ever do that? Just enjoy the feel of each other and the silence between you that says so much?

Date night… always keeping it fresh, or at least trying to.

Until next time y’all!


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