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So overwhelmed

This book business is crazy. I have gained 40 pounds (that could be the chocolate and surgeries), become a stark raving momster, and have definitely NOT been my husbands other woman.

I am so focused on working a full time job, writing a book, and being a good mom (among other things) that I know I have let my hubby down. I'm writing a book on this for God's sake, you'd think I could live it.

I have started going through the edits from my editor, adding articles and video and each time it reminds me of what I should be doing for my husband who has been so sweet and patient. He assumes my first big purchase will be a new truck for him when I make it big.... haha, little does he know I'm buying tickets to Paris and a new iMac.

Ok all joking aside, I was really thinking about what it means to be your husbands other woman today and I imagine when I wrote the title my line of thought went something like this "my hubs is probably sick of the tired, cranky, overwhelmed woman I have become and I am sure he would love the fun, playful, flirty girl I was when we met." Unfortunately, writing a book about it and living it are two totally different things, especially now I am entreched in the mess I have created for myself...

Oh well... tired and cranky will have to do until we get to Paris.

Until next time....


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